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Christian Youth Channel (CYC) is the first and ONLY Coptic Orthodox channel dedicated to youth, kids and all English speakers all over the world with our main goal of spreading the teachings and love of Jesus Christ among Christians and Non-Christians in many languages.

 The Channel is run by non-profit organizations, and production centers around the world. It was launched on November 2009 by a Coptic Monk from St. Anthony Monastery- Red sea, Father Bishoy El-antony, under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Morcos; Bishop of the Shobra El-Khema diocese, where its headquarter .

 CYC stemmed from Father Bishoy’s determination to support, encourage and promote religious, educational and charitable activities and works directed to all people through the ever-growing media platform. Through television, radio and print, CYC was concerned with preaching and promoting the spiritual teachings of the Coptic Orthodox Church to the public. This channel was the perfect way to spread and unite people through the faith, as well as making it accessible to anyone, anywhere, worldwide! The production and dissemination of seminars, concerts, Gospel meetings and revivals enabled the audience to know Christ the Lord .

CYC specializes in religious series and programs. The channel broadcasts a vast range of individual shows including God's praise, Coptic Ritual, Coptic liturgies, Bible Study, Bible reading, comedy, cartoon, drama and reality alongside movies and mini-series.

Most Popular Programs include
Monk's Life (For Father Lazarous who become a monk after being an atheist)
Desert Life (Which talk about how Monks live at the desert)
Around the world
Kiddy talk
Girl talk

CYC Frequencies
United States & Canada
satellite Galaxy 19 97.0°WFrequency 12028 , Horizontal , 22000- 3/4
Optus 02 Freq. 12706 MHzSymbol : 22500 Polarization : Horizontal
How to watch CYC on TV ??
CYC is now available for free on the same dish and box that has CTV and used to have Aghapy TV. 
You just need to do a few straight forward easy steps with the remote control that came with the box to tune it in…
1) Press Menu
2) Hit the right arrow until you get to Installation
3) Go to Auto Scan then press OK
4) Go to Sea...rch then press OK
5) Give it some time to reach 100% until its done searching (usually not more than 10 minutes)
6) When it reaches 100% press Exit until you exit all
7) Then, press Menu
8) Go to TV Channel List press OK
9) Press 3 or Find
10) Type CYC and it should show on the left. Just select it, press OK and enjoy watching!
The Christian Youth Channel is the first Channel to:
=>Target an Audience of youth and Children
=>Establish production Centers worldwide
=>Produce programs by youth
=>Broadcast live 
CYC is aimed towards audience of youth and children with content designed to be relevant to issues they face, in order to help them grow spiritually and pass along the Coptic faith and tradition.
CYC is the first channel to have production centers worldwide with full participation of all the dioceses and churches abroad:~ USA (New York, Washington DC, California, and Southern States)~ Canada (Toronto and Montreal)~ Europe (Austria, Germany, Holland, Italy, England, and France)~ Australia (Millburn and Sydney)

Having these production centers allow exposure of each country's culture and traditions to be expressed.Youth will play an active role in CYC through their participation in both program selection. And by having the opportunity to be able to share their opinions and ideas on the channel's performance.

If you have any material that you feel is valuable and would like us to broadcast on our channel, we urge you to submit your request for consideration.

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